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Premium Marketing Amos Diari Ltd. is Israel's leading importer and distributor of confectionery and Ice cream products, with over 20 years of experience in the field.

The company was established by Amos Diari as a private family-owned company which imports  and distributes top products from all around the world and Europe especially.
Premium Marketing imports premium quality products from leading European companies with international fame and represents them as the sole agent for Israel. Premium Marketing takes great pride in its ability to know, understand, and anticipate market needs and tastes.
The company delivers directly to boutique candy stores and supermarkets all over Israel through extensions of wholesalers.
Premium Marketing is based in Yavne Israel, which is located in the center of Israel and provides convenient access to all major population areas in Israel. The company’s headquarters, refrigeration facilities, and warehouses are all located under one roof which gives the company great flexibility, response time and excellent customer service.

We invite you to donwload our company profile , for having a better view on what we do.

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 Office: +97289327005

 Mobile: +972527390004

 Yoed Diari (Import Manager)

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